Your Green Future emerges from the background challenges of youth unemployment, skill shortages and, the need to develop a low carbon, resilient communities. 

The UK low carbon economy is growing at 7% a year and this continued growth see’s new skills needed at all levels. Yet businesses say they do not have the skills to meet growth, notably critical Science Technology Engineering & Maths skills (predicted shortfall of 50% by 2020 - Institution of Mechanical Engineers). To address these challenges it is vital that young people entering work are able to play their part. They need to be informed of the opportunities that are open to them, and given the necessary support to gain the appropriate qualifications and skills. This is not currently being achieved. For instance in 2015 we surveyed 669 young people from across the South West & Midlands and only 30% knew what a low carbon economy was and few could identify industries that have a link to its development.

Enhancing young people’s prospects, including providing them with a clear view on the current job market and training opportunities, will also help prevent youth unemployment - in 2015 young people are nearly three times more likely to be unemployed than the rest of the population and our survey of 669 young people found that 85% would like to speak to more people about job opportunities.

These challenges were a call to action and our response was 'Your Green Future', which was developed in 2010 by a consortium of organisations, including Severn Wye Energy Agency, Rotary and InterClimate Network, who were overseen and driven by John Davidson OBE. In 2012 Severn Wye Energy Agency became the lead partner, in order to further develop existing approaches and deliver events throughout the UK.