Business Participation

Your Green Future addresses topical issues which align with a real business need to develop an understanding of sustainability and to tap into new skills. Overall, the event provides a unique opportunity for business to shape a new workforce to best suit their needs.

Each event is a fantastic opportunity for your business to...

  • Promote your organisation to your customers and employees of the future.
  • Engage and network with a diverse audience.
  • Help deliver your Corporate Social Responsibility ambitions.
  • Develop your organisations skills through the CPD accredited activities.
  • Support and educate young people in your field of expertise.
  • Hear young people’s views and gain ideas for your business.

Around 400 young people, 20 teachers, 25 businesses, and university students will attend each event.  

Your organisation can get involved as a workshop mentor, or as an exhibitor (at no charge). For a more lasting impact your business can sponsor the event.

We will promote your company’s involvement in all our printed and electronic promotional materials, including on our website and in our post event brochure. Detailed evaluations, including photographs and films, will be available to all of those involved. 

For further details please get in touch