Severn Wye Energy Agency Ltd

Severn Wye Energy Agency is a charity with a vision of a bright, secure and sustainable future, free from fuel poverty. We have made it our mission to provide practical expertise for more energy efficient and sustainable living. At the event, Severn Wye will be exhibiting a stand to showcase some of our projects to students and help them understand what an employee in the energy sector might undertake.  

Careers Wales

Careers Wales support schools to engage with employers to improve students’ understanding of the world of work; while also providing support for schools with their Careers and World of Work (CWoW) curriculum, including working towards the Careers Wales Mark. At the event, Careers Wales will be exhibiting a stand for students to understand more about the potential for STEM and sustainability relarted employment in Powys and Wales.

Swansea University - Energy Safety Research Institute

Staff from the ESRI at Swansea University are presenting an interactive stand to demonstrate carbon capture and conversion using "Bunchems" as a method of molecular modelling. The idea is that the participants break apart a "molecular model" of carbon dioxide then reform it to generate a combustible fuel, methane. The carbon capture is demonstrated as a "lucky dip" where participants dip into a box for carbon dioxide molecules. This mini-workshop will be an interactive and interesting way of thinking about a cyclic carbon economy.