Proof it works

Your Green Future aims to meet both school and business needs, and aligns with a real need to develop an understanding of sustainability and to tap into new skills. Notably each event strives to:

Develop knowledge, prospects and skills

Through life-like practical and creative activities, and communication with professionals, Your Green Future events aim to enhance 12 to 18 year olds:

  • Knowledge of the evolving low carbon, sustainable economy
  • Prospects including providing students with a clear view on the current job market and training opportunities
  • Vocational skills

Develop work related learning

Your Green Future event activities are designed in collaboration with teachers to ensure they provide real learning. Additionally, events can kick start future activity and collaboration for schools. Notably, Your Green Future events:

  • Link to the National Curriculum and a wide range of college courses
  • Provide ideas and inspiration for schools
  • Offer networking opportunities for teachers

Enhance business

Whilst the target audience is schools through active participation the event is a fantastic opportunity for businesses, notably to:

  • Raise the awareness of and promote their organisation
  • Network with a diverse audience
  • Support, inspire and educate young people
  • Tap into new skills
  • Develop new and unique ideas and undertake market research