Oxfordshire Delivery Team

O2i Opportunities to Inspire

O2i Opportunities to Inspire works collaboratively with schools, businesses and delivery partners across Oxfordshire to create and support sustainable education business links.  The organisation offers an online platform and resource hub where volunteers from business can discover opportunities to inform and inspire students about their sector. Additionally, O2i has been chosen as the local delivery partner for the nationwide Enterprise Adviser programme.  Visit www.O2i.org to learn more. 

Low Carbon Oxford

Low Carbon Oxford is a network of organisations with a shared vision of Oxford as a low carbon city. Led by Oxford City Council, the network includes more than 40 diverse organisations all working together to achieve the city’s very ambitious target of reducing emissions in Oxford by 40% by 2020.



West Oxfordshire District Council

West Oxfordshire District Council provides a wide-range of services including bin collections, planning guidance and leisure facilities to local people. Serving a population of around 105,000 people, the Council vision is to “maintain and enhance West Oxfordshire as one of the best places to live, work and visit in Great Britain”. A rural district covering 71,494 ha, it is the second most sparsely populated of the 67 local authorities in South East England. Council tax remains the second lowest of all shire districts in England and car parking is free!

Oak Grove Associates

Oak Grove Associates is an Oxford based advisory and facilitation firm working at the intersection of innovation and sustainability. From creative workshops for businesses exploring circular economy opportunities, to support for students developing skills for a sustainable future, we work across the private, voluntary and education sectors to develop new business models and promote collaboration.

Oxfordshire County Council

Oxford City Council

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