Who we are?

Your Green Future (YGF) is an initative by the charity and not-for-profit company Severn Wye Energy Agency.

Severn Wye Energy Agency is a charity with a vision of a bright, secure and sustainable future, free from fuel poverty. We have made it our mission to provide practical expertise for more energy efficient and sustainable living. To achieve this we take steps to ensure practical action through the development of solutions and projects and by offering impartial advice, technical support and providing training and education for people of all ages.

Severn Wye have developed a range of education programmes and resources for primary, secondary and adult education, including the Ashden Award winning ‘Young Energy People!’ project for secondary schools. See our website for further details.

In order to develop and deliver each event Severn Wye work closely with a wide range of partner organisations, outlined below.  If you would like to get involved in the development and delivery of this programme please get in touch.

The Development Team

The development team works closely with Severn Wye Energy Agency to develop the events content, notably creating and facilitating the workshops. Together they have international and UK experience including programme development and implementation, teaching, facilitating learning with teachers and students, and material and methodological development.

Local Delivery Teams

In order to deliver a Your Green Future event and ensure it meets local needs Severn Wye Energy Agency set up and work closely with a series of Local Delivery Teams. You can find out about these teams on the event page.